JavaDownloader 1.0

No Image JavaDownloader is a java tool for managing your downloads. It allows you to select multiple files for download from the internet. You can pause and resume your downloads whenever you like. No more download interrupt that puts you back in square one. With JavaDownloader, you can resume your downloads from where they were interrupted. This program is sold for only $22. Unix or Linux setup can be provided upon request from the publisher.

PTFB Pro 4.1.5: Auto clicker and Macro Recorder - eliminate repetetive tasks
PTFB Pro 4.1.5

PTFB Pro offers an elegant, easy to use solution to many of the irritations and interruptions that plague Windows users. It will quickly and discretely answer confirmation requests that interrupt your workflow, monitor and alter the status of running applications and automate repetitive tasks. It`s handy and simple to use for the home user or computer novice, yet for the power user it has the features needed in a professional environment.

dismiss dialog, button push, macro recorder, ptfb pro, auto clicker, ptfb, start programs, stop programs, push the freakin button, automatic button pushing, macro, button press

Nappy 1.1: Let the baby sleep, tell family to telephone later.
Nappy 1.1

Nappy lets you notify friends and family when your baby is asleep, so that phone calls don`t interrupt naps. All it takes is a single click - friends and family on your private channel are notified automatically.

baby, sleep, interrupt

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Orneta Reader for Smartphone 2002 1.0.6

Orneta Reader is a free software that lets you open and view any Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) or Text (.txt) document directly from your Windows Mobile based Smartphone. Read an eBook files of any size from your phone. Text and PDF files can be open and read, graphics will not interrupt your reading experience, and are not displayed.

reader, viewer, ebook, electronic book, read, book

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NGASM 8086/8088 Assembler 1.3

NGASM 8086 / 8088 Assembler simplifies learning assembly language with a 7000-line long manual that elaborately describes exact usage of assembler instructions with lots of small routines and unbelievably tiny ready-to-assemble-and-run programs. Best for starters. You understand any Instruction in a single reading. You can write anything Ralf Brown`s Interrupt list makes you feel like writing, including TSRs for up to WINDOWS XP.

8086 8088 assembler, debugging, writing tsrs, assembler, assembler instructions, freeware, debug, 8086 8088 instruction set, development tool

RapidDriver Toolkit for USB/PCI/ISA Hardware Programming and Debugging.

Hardware Developers: Insert your USB/PCI/ISA PnP device and perform various operations from GUI interface: read USB descriptors, perform USB pipes operations, read PCI registers, handle interruptions, control Parallel and Serial Ports. Software Developers: Create your own applications based on our classes and PnP USB/PCI/ISA drivers and distribute these applications without having to pay royalties.

memory, debugger, hardware, port, driver, interrupt

Easy-FTP 1.0: With Easy-FTP you can transfer files between your PC and a FTP server.
Easy-FTP 1.0

With Easy-FTP you can transfer files between your PC and a FTP server. So you can upload files to your homepage or download files from a public FTP server. The program can continue interrupted download. It can delete folders with all subfolders and containing files. You can comfortable manage your favorite FTP servers. Often used folders can be reached with one click. A file on a server can be downloaded, edited and uploaded within one step.

file transfer protocol, easy ftp, edit, interrupted, file attribute, perl, client, subfolder, cad kas, transfer, delete, upload, server

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